Kripikpasta is my first project written with python, this project originally written with perl in 2013. But since I liked python a lot and I thought it was a good direction to move my whole project to one of the most popular and powerful language nowadays, so I did. This project includes an API I wrote and still developing to advance the backend stuff from this project and for my mobile apps for future release.

I had problem with memorizing something, I was hard to learn something new, even programming. Maybe because I wasn’t that smart like anybody else. I didn’t know how, I just found a way for me to learn one thing that I’ve always wanted.

Until now, I will always appreciate people who kind enough to tell me what is wrong, what needs to be improved in my project, they send me emails, sometimes they send me bugs for me to fix. And at the end of the day, there is always some reasons for me to sit down open up my laptop, lit the cigarette, and look through my codes and fix what is necessary. That’s my way to learn something.


Software stack: